Fine Furniture 

Unique hand-crafted properties deserve to be complemented by unique hand-crafted furniture. Furniture that meets budget expectations and sells property quickly for maximum return.

From kitchens and utilities, to dressing-rooms, vanity units and stand alone cabinetry. Fordbrook caters for a growing base of discerning property developers.

When a high street kitchen simply will not do, we build to the scale and status of whatever project you wish to develop.

“Fordbrook builds everything from design. The only limits are your own parameters”

Developer Focus

We work closely on high-end new build projects, apartment developments and restorations, maximising budgets in the rooms where it matters.

“We understand the project management process. We deliver on time, and in accordance with key trades and tight deadlines”

We complement properties with the very best furniture, working carefully with clients to balance robust engineering with delicate craftsmanship.

Developers Developers Developers